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Intro to Home Defense &


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This is an introductory course developed for brand new shooters who are taking their first class, considering purchasing a firearm, or just bought their first firearm. Additionally, this course will address fundamental concepts of self-defense and home defense. 

A Firearms Safety Certificate, (FSC), is issued to students (at no cost) as a part of this course. An FSC is required by the State of California to purchase a firearm.

Read more about Firearms Safety Certificates here.


Upon completion, students will be able to confidently demonstrate proper use of a handgun and will have a better understanding of which firearm is appropriate for them and their personal needs. 

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Here is a glimpse of what this course will cover:

- Nomenclature & parts of the handgun

- Safety

- Proper Grip

- Sight Picture & Sight Alignment

- Trigger Press

- Stance & Posture

- Communication

- Mindset 

- Cover & Concealment

+ More


We provide all the necessary equipment required for use during the course.

We also cover the costs of the Firearms Safety Certificate (FSC) (Usually $25-$35)

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Do I need to own a gun to attend this class?

Nope! We provide a simulated firearm for you to use during the virtual courses.

We aren't shooting real firearms, so is this training truly useful?

Dry fire and simulation training should only be used to supplement live-fire training - NOT REPLACE IT; However, there are an exceptional amount of benefits to doing both. The experience you get from courses in the Virtual Range will directly translate to live-fire training. We encourage you to train and try both.

Do I need a Firearms Safety Certificate, (FSC), to attend the course?

Nope! We proctor the firearms safety test at the end of training and issue you your certificate after successful completion of the test.


What is a Firearms Safety Certificate (FSC)?

An FSC is a certificate that you need in order to buy a gun in California. Read more about FSCs here.

How do I sign-up for this course?

First, check our calendar to see if we have a course planned that fits your schedule. If not, feel free to contact us to get something scheduled. 

Where are Virtual Range courses held?

Our primary virtual range is located at Xiphos Corporation headquarters in Rancho Cordova, CA.