level 2 pistol

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This is not an introductory level course. Students participating in Level 2 Pistol must have a complete understanding of firearms safety. 


Level 2 Pistol focuses heavily on developing exceptionally high standards of Marksmanship and understanding ballistics and trajectory. Level 2 Pistol will advance the skills of those who have had basic firearms training by helping them diagnose their shot groupings and assist in making the appropriate adjustments. 


Upon completion of this class, students will demonstrate that they can confidently and accurately shoot their handgun at realistic, gun fighting distances. 

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- Handgun 

- Ammunition (150 rounds)

- 2 or more magazines

- Ear Protection

- Eye Protection

Glock wallpaper.png


Do I need to own a gun to attend this class?

Yes, but if you do not have one and have attended our Level 1 Pistol class, please contact us and we can ​make arrangements to loan you a firearm for the course.

Who should attend this course?

This course is perfect for someone who doesn't shoot very often but wants to keep up on their marksmanship, has a firearm for home defense, or wants to take a refresher course.

How do I sign-up for this course?

First, check our calendar to see if we have a course planned that fits your schedule. If not, feel free to contact us to get something scheduled. 

Where are Level 2 Pistol courses held?

Our primary range is located in Lincoln, CA.